We can only take in wildlife orphans when we are sure we have the resources to care for them. Please do not drop-off animals without prior arrangement.​


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Wildlife centres are often overwhelmed with the demand for their services, but must say 'no' due to limited resources. Please support your local wildlife centre.

Wildlife Concerns - Important Facts

!. Wildlife mothers can take the best care of their babies. Do not create orphans if there is any chance their mom is around to care for them. Rabbits and deer leave their babies unattended for most of the day. Trapping and moving adult female animals often means leaving the babies to starve. 

2. If you have wildlife in your house or building and need to have them removed, please call a humane wildlife removal service. We recommend Skedaddle because we know they do their best to keep babies united with their mothers and they work with wildlife rehabbers when needed.

3. It is normal to see adult wildlife (foxes, raccoons, skunks, ...) out during daytime, especially in Spring. Wildlife moms are desperately trying to feed themselves whenever they can, in short breaks between feeding their demanding babies. 

4. The City of Ottawa (call 311) is now working with wildlife centres and the Ottawa Humane Society to respond to concerns about wildlife 

5. For injured birds, Safe Wings collaborates with the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre.

6. For wildlife mammals and turtles, Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a large rehab centre located in North Gower. 

7. For porcupines and groundhogs, Meet The Keepers is another rehab centre located in Rockland. HHWR collaborates with them to ensure animals in need get help.

8. The Animal Emergency and Veterinary Hospital is open 24/7 and can provide humane euthanization to animals that are suffering.

Open for Spring 2020 Wildlife Season


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