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CCWR provides the Ottawa region with
  • wildlife rehabilitation services
  • voice/text response to concerns about wildlife
  • wildlife education resources
  • volunteer opportunities for high school community service hours


We can only take in wildlife orphans when we are sure we have the resources to care for them. Please do not drop-off animals without prior arrangement.​


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Wildlife centres are often overwhelmed with the demand for their services, but must say 'no' due to limited resources. Please support your local wildlife centre.

IMPORTANT NEWS about CCWR for our wonderful donors, sponsors, and supporters!!! Oct 5 2017


Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary now controls the charity license previously held by CCWR.

Wildlife Concerns - Important Facts

!. Wildlife mothers can take the best care of their babies. Do not create orphans if there is any chance their mom is around to care for them. Rabbits and deer leave their babies unattended for most of the day. Trapping and moving adult female animals often means leaving the babies to starve. 

2. If you have wildlife in your house or building and need to have them removed, please call a humane wildlife removal service. We recommend Skedaddle because we know they do their best to keep babies united with their mothers and they work with wildlife rehabbers when needed.

3. It is normal to see adult wildlife (foxes, raccoons, skunks, ...) out during daytime, especially in Spring. Wildlife moms are desperately trying to feed themselves whenever they can, in short breaks between feeding their demanding babies. 

4. The City of Ottawa (call 311) is now working with wildlife centres and the Ottawa Humane Society to respond to concerns about wildlife 

5. For injured birds, Safe Wings collaborates with the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre.

6. For wildlife mammals and turtles, Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a large rehab centre located in North Gower. Constance Creek Wildlife Centre is much smaller, but often responds when Rideau Valley is at capacity.

Some difficult news to share...

I think every new-ish wildlife rehab centre struggles each year with whether or not they have the capacity to open for wildlife orphan season.

At CCWR, we are entirely volunteer run. That includes me, Lynne, as I juggle a full-time job to pay my bills with managing the rehab centre. Still, the team of generous, dedicated volunteers and I generally manage to take in about 100 wild animals in need each year, caring for them with about $6000 of donated funds from our lovely supporters.

As a volunteer, I receive both lots of grateful messages from the public but probably an equal number of mean messages. I do understand this is out of frustration that our region really doesn't have the resources to care for all wildlife injuries. As a volunteer-run centre with limited resources, we have to be very aware of our limitations. There are wildlife cases for which we are not able to help.

I feel awful enough saying 'no' in these cases. It breaks my heart that I cannot do more. It makes it really painful when the caller threatens to withdraw support, leaves a bad review, or shames me.

CCWR might not open this season at all. Our rehab trailer is in bad shape and really isn't a healthy environment for either the volunteers or the wildlife we admit. We are trying to figure out a way to take in some animals, but at the moment we are not in a position to help.

We'll keep you posted. Thank you for your kind thoughts.


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How is CCWR different from other animal welfare organizations?


1) WE ARE ALL ANIMALS: CCWR is home to rescued pets and rescued farm animals as well as a rehabilitation centre for orphaned and injured wildlife. This is to support the view that we are all animals, and we shouldn't categorize in ways that allow us to respect and care about some animals more than others. 

2) Education is a key part of our mission. Interactions with the public, through phone calls about wildlife or drop-offs of wildlife,  include education. Humans are the reason that wildlife become injured or orphaned wild animals in 90% of wildlife rehabilitation admissions. Rehabbers can never care for all of the wild animals in need, due to limited funding and resources. Therefore, our work is more meaningful if we educate the public to understand wildlife and cause less harm. 

We know we will never have the capacity to take in all of the animals that need our help. We can help reduce this need by educating the public, especially future generations, about animal welfare issues.

3) CCWR applies annually for Canada Summer Jobs funding so we can provide pay and valuable work experience to young people putting themselves through college or university. We believe in a $15/hr minimum wage, so we top up the funding to pay our summer students at this higher rate.

4) We provide high quality care to wildlife undergoing rehabilitation. CCWR orders special wildlife species formulas from Fox Valley Animal Nutrition. We also vaccinate animals before release to ensure they contribute to a healthy wildlfe population.

5) The Founder, Lynne Rowe, is vegan.



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We have had the amazing experience of raising a variety of orphaned wildlife, including porcupines!