Open for Spring 2021 Wildlife Season

Holly's Haven is named for the centre's first permanent resident, a raccoon named Holly, who was found by the side of the road in December 2018. Two separate concerned humans contacted us about Holly and we took her in.

Holly has a permanent traumatic brain injury. She is very gentle, cannot balance well enough to climb, and has occasional seizures. She would not survive in the wild, so HHWR obtained an Educational Animal Permit from the MNR.

Holly will help HHWR fulfill our mandate to provide public education about wildlife. She is HHWR's raccoon ambassador!


Wildlife Concerns - Important Facts

  • Wildlife mothers can take the best care of their babies. Be very careful not to create orphans if there is any chance mother is around to care for them. Mothers of some species, such as rabbits and deer, leave their babies unattended for most of the day. Trapping and moving adult female animals often means leaving the babies to starve. 

  • If you have wildlife in your house or building and need to have them removed, please use a humane wildlife removal service. We recommend Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control because we know they do their best to keep babies with their mothers and they work with wildlife rehabbers when needed.

  • It is not unusual to see adult wildlife (e.g. foxes, raccoons, skunks) out during daytime, especially in Spring. Wildlife moms are desperately trying to feed themselves whenever they can, in short breaks between feeding their demanding babies. 

  • If an animal is suffering, in immediate danger or in need of humane euthanasia, you can take it to the Ottawa Humane Society, Lost and Found Door (municipal animal shelter). Call first at 613-725-3166, ext 223 to let them know you will be arriving, and see their website for directions and operating hours. Alternatively, you can call Ottawa Bylaw for rescue help on 311. 

  • Holly's Haven does not assist with birds. For injured birds, please contact the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre or Safe Wings.

  • The Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary is a large rehab centre located just south of Ottawa in North Gower, working with wild mammals and reptiles (including turtles).

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